Welcome to my new blog! My name is Jacob, I have had plenty of experience teaching online and in the classroom for over 5 years now and I want to share my advice and experience as an online teacher and teaching in general.

Why do this?

  • Guide new teachers through finding the best type of teaching for them and to help them attain the relevant qualifications.

  • Create a space for teachers and parents to share their advice and experience on teaching.

  • Uncover some of the key principles of teaching which are useful to know before you start teaching.

When I first got into teaching, I had limited information to help me start, just a few good friends. It truly can be a minefield! I want to help clear things up for people who are starting a new career in teaching, but also cater to current teachers sharing thoughts, advice and anything to do with effective teaching and finding work.

I would love to create a bustling community of current and potential teachers giving people the confidence to start teaching and improve their practice, the confidence I wish I had when I first started! If I can help a teacher or a parent with an issue regarding the education of a child then I'll be so happy! So tell me what you would like to see here!

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