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If you are interested in teaching online check out our Teach Online page for more information on the best way to get started. E learning or learning online is becoming evermore popular as people want to further their education from the comfort of their own home.

People of all ages are learning different things on the Internet today therefor online teachers are becoming increasingly sought after. The online learning of English as a Foreign Language is arguably the most popular online class these days, however more universities and colleges are offering distance learning courses than ever before. They all need your help keeping up with learner demand, it isn't easy!

Teaching classes online is very rewarding, you might not have a physical classroom but you do have students that rely on you just the same, either for the assignments you mark or your lesson feedback and the advice you provide. They are nearly always very grateful for your help as an English Language Native and I personally find that often online learners are more attentive than the ones in the classroom.

Teaching English as a Foreign language is a great pathway to reliable work online and is without doubt the industry with the highest demand for online teachers. Graduates, teachers, retirees, single parents and instructors are all stepping up and teaching classes online in their free time or as a full time career, it really is that flexible! All you require to join them is a degree, a 120hr TEFL qualifications, basic computer skills and a desire to educate!

Now you might be saying "But wait! I couldn't even explain what a noun is!" .... thats ok! Most of the time you are valued for you native pronunciation, most of the work is making sure you correct the learners pronunciation as much as possible, like that annoying friend in a bar. (Everyone has one! "Actually it's pronounced....")

Anything you're not sure about, you have time before the lesson to brush up on, besides you wont necessarily be required to teach anything overly complicated. Worst case scenario, you get a learner who asks you a specific question that you don't know the answer to. In this case you just say something like "That's a good question, let me double check so I can give you the most correct answer" and then spend 30 seconds to a minute googling the answer. It happens sometimes and it's that easy to deal with!

Teaching classes online is very enjoyable, it provides flexible, reliable work from anywhere with an internet connection. You meet lot's of interesting people and get to share your culture and interests with your learners whilst learning about theirs. To top it all off, this kind of training and work paves the way for you to teach english aboard in schools if you wish! So whats next you might ask? You will need TEFL training before you can start. However, once you are ready all you need to do is have a think about where to work. What are you waiting for?

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