About the job

ITutorgroup offer many hours at a good rate of pay. Management can improve but reliable pay every time. You do get a lot of students during my 3 years with the company taught over 3500 learners! You get some interesting questions and conversations with the learners, I really enjoyed my time at this company. Good for a reliable income, you can easily earn £1000 a month If you book in the hours.



  • Bachelor’s degree or higher

  • TESOL/TEFL Certification (or its equivalent) required

  • Minimum of 1 year teaching experience

  • Enthusiastic and professional

  • Great communication and presentation skills

  • Computer literate


  • System Requirements:

  • Mobile or tablet devices are not allowed

  • Windows SP1/ Mac OS 10.12

  • 2GB RAM 1280x1024 minimum resolutions

  • Browsers:Must have the most up to date Google Chrome installed

  • Have the most up to date Adobe Flash Player installed

  • HD capable Webcam

  • Analog or USB Headset(Microsoft lifeChat LX-3000 preferred)


  • Expect Aprox. $10 - $20 per hour on average.

The total Session Payment consists of THREE components: Base Pay, Completion Bonus and Contribution Bonus.

They also boast a progressive pay scaling system. (The better you perform, the more you earn!)