Online English lessons have been rising in popularity across Asia and the rest of the world creating a large demand for online English tutors. It is a great way to make money online from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

This type of teaching can be a great side income or even a full time job! It its very popular with people wanting a flexible work schedule, graduates and single parents. With demand as high as it is, there is no-need for experience! Often, even if a job post claims it requires previous experience they will still let you teach without as long as you meet the other requirements. It is possible to train up and start earning in 3-6 weeks. A 120 Hour TEFL is all you need to open up work online opportunities, the option to work aboard and a flexible lifestyle so get started today!


TEFL (120hr Minimum)

This is a requirement for most companies online also provides you with  valuable knowledge. - "I NEED THIS!"


Degree (MUCH Preferred):

It is possible to teach without  a degree, especially privately, but a degree is highly desired.


Stable Internet Connection:

Bad connections can cause many issues which can result in the termination of your contract.



Some companies may let you use tablets and phones But most require you to use a computer. 


Head Set with Microphone:

Another requirement of many companies. This helps to reduce noise feedback in the lessons.


The 120hr TEFL course is all you need to get started! 

Depending on experience and the type of training you hold, the pay varies. Most of the time, if you work for a good company, have a degree and have the basic 120hr tefl certificate (See Requirements) you can expect to earn $10-$20 per hour you teach!


Most companies have some sort of bonus pay for things like attendance, good ratings, and submitting teaching materials. Some companies like WHALES ENGLISH have a compensation rate for ‘unbooked’ lessons so if you have no learners but you have been booked they still pay you a reduced fee, whereas others like ITUTORGROUP only pay you for the lessons you teach but have a better bonus system in place. Some specialist companies offer $50 per hour or more. These can be hard to find and depend on experience.


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